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I formally renounced genres, so I am just a musician.
In the past I have been a jazz guitarist, classical composer, blues singer, rock musician, and have been known to be somewhat of an eclectic.

'Film scores in a day' can be arranged, ad libitum. As a teacher at MATC and Lawrence, I have my finger on the pulse of the up and coming musicians in Wisconsin with strong ties in LA and NYC.

Aside from teaching at Milwaukee Area Technical College (yeah, music) and Lawrence University ('jazz guitar') I perform with Choirfight (, Invocation Trio, Black Owl and my own stuff.
Education: Berklee College of Music (B.A. Composition) '94-'96.
Endorsements: ESP LTD guitars. EMG pickups, Two-Rock amplifiers.

I am really into counterpoint, the final frontier, still.
Have a lovely day.
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