Frank has finished an album with Ray Labella called "The Simple Life" this year which was recorded at Hickory St. Studio in Blauvelt,, NY 10913 with Lenny Post as the Producer & Engineer. He is a talented guitarist & songwriter & has recently co-written & recorded several songs with Deborah Trabolsi, including "Johnny Delgado". He is playing with several bands in the NY Ciity area including Sidetrax, Dis-Severed & Lead Pipe Sinch. He has enjoyed recording session work with several well known artists in the New York & New Jersey area. He plays Guitar, Dobro, Mandollin, Bass & Drums and although his style is basically blues influenced, he has been successful in writing & playing many genres, including ska, punk, alternative, southern rock, classic rock, pop & spaghetti westerns, to name a few, as he continues to explore new sounds in music.

Latest News

"Trouble" & "Engraved" Top10 in 6 categories 9/7
(Co-written with Deborah Trabolsi)
Top 10 in Rock/Punk & NY & NE -1/9/08
"Chuckie's Bride"(Co-written with Deborah Trabolsi)
2007 Dallas Songwriter Association (DSA) - "Trouble" in semifinals
Special Mention - Music Aids Awards 2007
"Johnny Delgado" places on "Johnny Delgado is Dead" Compilation CD - Co-Written with Deborah Trabolsi & Lucas Hiran (Vieira) & Produced by Lenny Post (all BJ members)
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