Frank Friend is a self-taught musician with an unconventional approach to songwriting. The Orlando, Florida resident is a DIY multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and vocalis. His music has won songwriting and remix competitions, and has been released to positive reviews with songs featured in many blogs including Heart Is a Spade, Keepreal, Stereokiller, Rockfreaks, One Heap Wonder and others.

The latest music from Frank Friend is a project where he goes by the alias "Tokyo Elvis." He's currently creating electronic music influenced by Vocaloid, Video Games, & Small Toy Sounds with emphasis on FUN!

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New Frank Friend project 'Tokyo Elvis' is the winner of Indaba Music's Winter Wonder Jams competition with an update to the holiday classic 'Jingle Bells!'

Tokyo Elvis' is the Winner of "I Think I Luv Her" Remix Contest at Indaba Music!
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