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Too many to list them all,but here's a few. Stevie Wonder,Marvin Gaye,Bob Marley,Beatles,Paul Simon,Curtis Mayfield,Donny Hathaway,James Taylor, Smokey Robinson,Carole King,Jim Croce,Miles Davis.Matter of fact,just about anybody that's written a GREAT song.
Like I said,too many too list here.


Born in Frankfurt,Germany in an Air Force brat style.Lived from California to Maine and deep in the heart of Texas.I make Oklahoma my home now. Been singing and writing songs for years....hopefully they're getting better! Have had placements in the Soap Opera "One life to live", a TNT movie, "Legalese"(1998), and Independent films, "Strange Fruit"(2004),"Left in Darkness"(2006),"Last Call before Sunset" (2007),"Man Overboard"(2008),and "He's On My Mind" (2009).Thank you ASCAP for sending the checks!!! Gonna keep writing as long as I can draw another breath.....Just something I HAVE to do!

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