I have no background in the music business

I worked for 25 years in the Financial world with our primary office in the World Trade Center. We were on the 105th floor and many of my friends and colleagues died on 9 11

Shortly thereafter, at the age of 50 I quit the financial world and began writing song Lyrics...Story songs principally about man's desperate search for love & intimacy

I hope that the songs I write are poignant displays of the anguish and sorrow that we have all felt as we desperately search for intimacy and Love..... The answer is forgiveness, it's in our power to let things go

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Hello music lovers

I will be putting up in the next few days a dozen or so songs I have written over the past year or two. They all tend to be stories about man's desperate search for love and intimacy.

I hope the lyrics are poignant and moving, the music resonating the mood I hoped to create.

Ultimately that is your call. So if you are so inclined listen, enjoy, and perhaps purchase a song that appeals to you. Thanks for visiting my space here on broadjam
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