Eve Selis, winner of 2003's San Diego Music Award for Best Americana, is one of the most successful independent artists in the world. By using the Internet early on she created a cyber-presence that has garnered her worldwide exposure. She had over 1.2 million downloads on MP3.Com alone and her latest CD, Do You Know Me, has been written up in over 15 national and international magazines. Her popularity in U.K. has blossomed this year with stellar reviews in Country Music People and Maverick, landing a Top 5 single on the European Independent Music Chart, a two-week tour of England in October and airplay on the Bob Harris Show and the BBC2's Dave Cash Show. In July of 2004 she will co-headline the International Americana Festival in Nottingham, where a crowd of 70,000 is expected.
Eve has opened up for Travis Tritt, Heart, Joan Osborne, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Chris Isaak, Jewel and many others. Visit www.eveselis.com for more info.
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