I'm 25, been playing guitar, singing and songwriting for about 10 years now. These songs are my first attempt at a recording studio and can only get better! Have a fantastic band together consisting of Olivia Flint on drums and Greg Mudd on bass. I am honoured to have these amazing musicians on board and look forward to conquering the world together! Have a few exciting gigs lined up and here's to many more! XxX

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Have a fantastic band together and am in the process of getting one hell of a demo cd together!


Emmy was born in 1983 in Durban, South Africa. Her love for music began at an early age with her first obsession being Luka by Suzanne Vega. Emmy was 3 years old.
She learnt to play the guitar when she was 13 and started writing her own songs straight away. The first song she learnt to play on the guitar was Knocking on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan.
Since then, Emmy moved to the UK in 1999 and has continued to write her songs. She is now in the process of organising gigs and completing her first album titled: Guitars.God.Tattoos.Chicks.

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