dumate has been part of the Madison hip hop scene for last five years, sharing local stages with such hip-hop heavyweights as Rhymefest, The Game, The Mighty Underdogs and DJ Kool Herc. With an innovative live set merging traditional hip hop production techniques with a live rhythm section and two of the city's best MCs, dumate has worked to elevate both the Madison hip hop community as well as raising the bar for live hip hop bands.


dumate (pronounced DOO - muh - tay) is a Hiphop band who concentrates on social/political rhymes and original, hard hitting beats. reminds you of Hip-Hop before all the ice and lame hood stories.

Influenced by the life and energy of Hiphop Kulture, the members are at odds with the media's depictions of rap music (the only element of Hiphop Kulture that gets any media attention).

dumate erupted on the Madison Hiphop scene in 2004, playing a string of explosive live sets to critical acclaim. with Mr. Parker on the rhymes, and a full band of Madison all-stars behind him, the group quickly secured a place in Madison's ever growing & maturing Hiphop scene.

By combining old-school beat making approaches with innovative studio techniques, vicious, politically charged rhymes, and a slammin' live set, dumate is the next step in true-school Hiphop.


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