A drummer (Scott) and a guitarist (vhee) with a lot of songs to record.
We make music for people to sing/dance/mosh/laugh/cry along to. What mood are you in?
We think we have a song for every occasion, but it will take a while to record them all. These ones are mostly in the demo stage, and we need a really good singer, ours seem to go mad and head off into the wilderness, never to be seen again...

Songs evolve (like many things do) so we will bring you things hot off the press, so you can see what they were before they changed...

andthe guitar player also writes SCRIPTS and BOOKS. to see some of these go to www.vhee.beep.com

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Dream Sequence have released The Ace of Space, an Ace Frehley Tribute Album available through cdbaby.com
10 tracks of pure Space Ace!!!

Dream Sequence

Dream Sequence are; Vhee the guitarist who writes the tunes in every style (why bother limiting yourself?); Scott the drummer who knows how to make a groove; and Michelle who finances the pair in this musical endeavour.
Formed in April 2006 they are working on making songs for the world to sing along to, and companies to buy for their artists.
Influenced by everything from Queen to Nusrat Fetah Ali Khan, Mozart to Zappa, Bon Jovi to Kate Bush, we try to make commercially friendly songs with hooks, riffs, melodies and lyrics which will grab and hold the attention of the listener.
Working with Tasmanian singers, we expect to release an album of new songs by December.


over 30 days ago to Dream Sequence

hi, hope you make me a connection. just a quick heads up to let you know that i will be doing a 3 for 2 offer on my professional mastering this month of september. you can get three songs professionally mastered in wav and mp3 format for only $50. checkout my site www.strproductions.org.uk to hear the quality of sound i can get for your songs, i have helped over 80 broadjam members so far in 15 months,thanks dave-str

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Dream Sequence
over 30 days ago

do you know anyone who is looking for commercial rock tunes?

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