For more than 20 years, composer-songwriter F.-H. Jasmin has been writing music for television, advertising, corporate videos and special events like fireworks and award ceremonies.

In the last 10 years, F.-H. Jasmin worked on over 200 productions and received a CanPro award for his adaptation of a traditional song into a jingle. He also had songs in the top 20 hits in Quebec (Canada).

Recently, F.-H. Jasmin scored the short film "Wonder Chamber No.1" that is presented in film festivals around the world and is now working on a new-age inspiring piano solo album due next month.

He can easily be reached at :
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Dr. Ray
over 30 days ago to F-H Jasmin

can you master my song 'one of the saddest'

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F-H Jasmin
over 30 days ago


Unfortunately, we do not do mastering for your type of music. Good luck with your work !

Dr. Ray
over 30 days ago

that is why i'd like you to do it. you have a good sound. my song really another's hands on it. your sound from the song with the lady sing is what i'd like my audience to cleave to. it's rich and we need you. please reconsider i'll pay you what's fair for you to make it ready for a movie. sothing like action ie. Bad Boys

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