Jerry Page was born in New Brunswick in 1971. His younger years were spent growing up on Canada's beautiful east coast. In the early 1980's Jerry and his family moved to Norway where he picked up his first guitar. Immediately his natural talent for song writing became evident when he wrote his first song titled, "You Are The Wind".
"Paradise" was written when Jerry was 17. He later went on to perform it live in Farsund, Norway, where he entered it in a contest. First prize was awarded to the ecstatic 19 year old, since that time Jerry has been pursuing a career in music.

Jerry has performed as a single act covering a wide venue including Norway's west coast. He has sung lead and played bass for an Ontario rock band, fronting shows at some of Ottawa and Brockville's favorite nightclubs.

With a repertoire of over 500 cover songs Jerry has proven to his fans again and again that he can always give them something new; "his shows are over the top".
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