Dave Wilkinson (aka David Philips) is an English guitarist, singer, songwriter now living in Barcelona, Spain.
He is recognised worldwide as an extremely versatile musician, working in mutliple genres from Jazz to Punk. He has worked with many big names in the Jazz, Blues and Soul world, has released records worldwide with his own bands and has had various pieces/songs placed on TV in Europe.

Please see biog or www.myspace.com/davidphilips for more details and discography.

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David Philips was born David Wilkinson in Nottingham, England. After learning to play the trumpet at the age of 10 his first major gig was in London's prestigious Albert Hall. A taste for the lime light led him to change to guitar after seeing Jimmy Hendrix on TV at the age of 14. Throughout school, college and university he formed numerous projects, delving into styles as varied as Thrash Metal to Jazz and it was Jazz that captured his attention most. After finishing his studies, David took on various day jobs as a sound/lighting technician and sometimes suffered cold British winters on building sites as a labourer whilst playing gigs around the UK in the evenings and studying furiously with an aim to eventually earning a living playing the guitar. At the age of 24 he decided he'd had enough of the cold and rain and decided to move to Barcelona, Spain. Before he could establish himself as a mainstay on the local scenes, a new list of day jobs was added to his resume: furniture removals, office work, guitar teaching.
Slowly but surely he was beginning to earn enough from guitar playing to pay rent and eat. He then landed a weekend job playing in a hotel for the ski season, but there was one catch - he had to play acoustic and sing. David didn't own an acoustic and had only ever screamed in punk/metal bands. Always taking the self taught route, he taped himself daily and ironed out his vocal blemishes whilst learning a repertoire of pop, rock and folk songs. His voice was received with great praise and this encouraged him to start writing and performing his own songs. Whilst honing his singer/songwriter skills, David had formed 2 bands, Phat Fred and Fast3 and was releasing records on independent labels throughout the world. He had become recognized as an extremely versatile musician and was called to play (and still does) with legends and well-knowns in the world of Jazz, Blues, Soul and Funk such as Brian Jackson (Gil Scott-Heron, Kool and the Gang), George Braith (Blue Note Records), Charlie Wood (Albert King), Alvin Youngblood Hart, Ray Gelato, Hook Herrera (Richie Sambora, Gvt Mule) to name a few.
Still looking for his own voice, David joined forces with Dub Step producer Replika and started Sub Lengua with the idea to mix dark electronica with folky acoustic songwriting. A 5 track E.P. was recorded but still hasn't been released.
Never one to sit still for long, David has since formed and disbanded other projects including punk bands, dance music projects and has also written and recorded music for companies including Volkswagon, Honda, Gas Natural (Spain) and Colacao (a Spanish chocolate drink!!!)

Whilst continuing to experiment with line ups and musical styles David has been working hard on a solo album, finally listening to all who have encouraged him to record his own songs. His style draws heavily on American roots musics such as Blues and Country and yet his wide range of influences and experience add something extra into the mix.

For more info and discography, please see www.myspace.com/davidphilips

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