Dan Stief sings Elvis

HI Everyone!

What a joy it is for me to offer these first two songs that were made famous by Elvis Presley. I love to sing for people, it is the thing I enjoy most in my life. We all search for our purpose in life, just like Elvis did. And like Elvis, I have been told that my gift is my voice.

People have actually argued with me when they heard this early recording of me singing Teddy Bear. They insisted that it was Elvis and not me. With a twinkle in my eye I would sing along and their eyes would get wide and in amazement as they exclaimed: "Wow it REALLY IS YOU!"

But my relationship with Elvis is much more than just being able to sing his songs. This is why I created my website at http://www.EvisChannel.com. If you visit there you will understand why so many people believe in my special connection.

If you find yourself being skeptical, I won’t be surprised. I still am at times. Ha! Ha!

Regardless of what you believe, my singing of Elvis' songs comes from a special place in my heart. All the songs are sung with love that comes from both me and Elvis.

Thank you … Thank You Verry Much!

Dan Stief

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