Dan has undergone classical voice training, experimented with electronic media, performed overseas, and appeared in stage musicals. Dan performed at length in Japan, live and on television (where he also became fluent in Japanese and achieved instructor's ranking in traditional Japanese martial arts). He co-wrote for a collaboration titled Transmit F with singer/songwriter A.J. Dowla, then co-produced Brigitte's solo debut, entitled "Tendrils", while also co-producing his own debut CD, "Accidental".

Dan's newest single, Regret, was recorded in Kiev, Ukraine. Dan has toured Europe often in recent years and is working on a new album back in Canada.


Cat Stevens
Uriah Heep
Alice in Chains


- lead vocal, songwriter for Ancient Youth in Shizuoka, Japan; also performed as free agent in several local bands and showcases (1989-1996)
- lead/chorus vocal, songwriter, programmer, website developer for "Transmit F" in Kelowna, BC, Canada (1996-1999)
- performed as free agent in several live and recorded productions in Kelowna, BC (1997-2002)
- appeared in Soundstage Productions' "Jesus Christ Superstar" in original and encore performances, various locations in BC (2003)
- co-producer, chorus vocal for Brigitte's "Tendrils" CD at Image Audio Studios, Vernon, BC (1999-2003)
- co-producer, lead/chorus vocal, percussion, programming for self solo debut "Accidental" at Image Audio Studios (1999-2003)
- executive produced and performed in CD title track "Accidental Kisses" music video, which subsequently won a Leo Film Award for Best Director


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