Daddy Roots ~ Conscious Roots Reggae - Anguilla's - Leeward Islands Rising Star!!

Daddy Roots (aka Wayne Alex Brooks) is often mistaken to be from Angola(Africa)instead of Anguilla(British West Indies). Borned April, 1977(artistic Snake child-Chinese horoscope) he is the youngest of 16 children. He got his name "Roots" because of his hair - shinny locks and "daddy" because he
always wanted to be the daddy as a child playing with his siblings.

Wayne started working in construction part time picking up steel cuttings when his father passed away when he was 9 and the family was left to fend for themselves. Roots then a working young man- still having a lot of energy left- formed a band after school AND work and called it "Wild Out" when he was nine years old. The other band members are in their early teens ; 11, 12, and 14. They played mostly Calypso music around the island and needed a manager to drive them from gig to gig
in the evenings and after school.

Latest News

Over 60 stations are spinning Daddy Roots aka ZKing of Hearts now--including non-commercial powerhouses such as WBAI in New York and KPFA in Berkeley where it received Top 10 status.

Leading airplay tracks include the timely "Make Love Not War", which peaked on Mediaguide's top reggae songs, and the irresistible herbal anthem "Weedy Wop". "Are You Willin'?" showcases Daddy Roots' creative depth and many styles which have already shown great promise of crossover potential.

Daddy Roots bio

Caribbean Reggae Artist Daddy Roots hails from the tiny and gorgeous island of Anguilla in the British West Indies. Having developed a first-rate reputation for his live performances, Daddy Roots has entertained audiences internationally in the Caribbean, U.S.A., Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe.
In Daddy Roots you will hear both the spirits of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh embodied into his style of singing and with his own personality prominently in the forefront in his live performances.
Latest Updates:

He has recent music placement in Adam Sandler's 2011 movie with Jennifer Aniston "Just Go With It", song title "Duppy Can't frighten Me".

Daddy Roots vocals are used by Magic Soul Orchestra for their song "Compressor" which is in one of the hottest iphone games "Tap, Tap, Dance" purchased and downloaded over 3,000,000 times world-wide.

He also has previous music placements in Bill Murray's movie "Broken Flowers" and BBC Lifetime movie "The Fugitive" with song title "Magar Goat" from his debut album "Love and Honor.

In 2006, he won "Best Reggae Male Vocalist" in the L.A. Music Awards.

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