I do movie soundtracks & I am an award winning singer, songwriter, & producer. Music Supervisor on 3 films, orig. music in 12 films, a complete library of original works. 6 CDs-LAND OF THE BLIND, world-folk-electronia/2 CDs-AZIGZA, Prog-World-Rock & 2 CDs with Celt-Rock group. Recorded from rock to avant to even comedy.

As composer, created the 96 min soundtrack for H.P. Lovecraft's "Search for the Unknown Kadath", indie animated feature film & currently doing another soundtrack for same production company.

I have full home studio, editing, planet earth, keys, drums, percussion, Indian Harmonium, German Melodica, Native flutes, tabla, & access to the best world musicians in SF. I can create instant shorts & have an MP3 for you to review within days! I have a huge fully produced library.

Many awards for singing-composing (ASCAP Young Composers Award, grants, etc)

specializing in World, Horror, Trance and Folk.

Latest News

Cyo & Blind head out on summer tours soon

CYO has new CD out with Celtic Funk group DRUID SISTERS called MOONJUJU!
New great review for LAND OF THE BLIND'S new cd Shamans of Sound!

Cyo sang @ 40th reunion of Woodstock! Golden Gate Park- SF, 75,000 folks!

Finishing Zombie movie, FLESH OF MY FLESH- Gorilla Productions,(H.P. LOVECRAFT's "Search for Kadath)

"the women's answer to Robert Plant" & "Jim Morrison's daughter"

Cyo's Bio

Cyoakha Grace started songwriting with a member of the Harry Partch Ensemble & formed her 1st band SheWaWa, mixing Dream Pop & Space Rock. Critics called her a mix between Kate Bush & Laurie Anderson.

Next she formed 8 piece World Trance band LAND OF THE BLIND, featuring her 4 octave vocals. BLIND toured both west & east coast, released 3 acclaimed cds, gathered fans & fab reviews. band members from Harry Partch/3 Leg Torso, Dan Reed Network, Rosin Covin & more

THE BLIND currently tours nationally & internationally as a trio & released 3 more CDs. FAV PRESS QUOTES: "Like Dead Can Dance they explore unconventional sounds, & cryptically poet lyrics for a bizarre but intriguing Laurie Anderson meets the Woman's Bulgarian Choir." WXFN, Boston "Like exploring the dangerously enticing corridors of an off-kilter carnival at night while opiumed-up" Anodyne Magazine "Pop Music For Druids" The Journal

Cyo also joined SF's world class ensemble-AZIGZA, a symphonic Prog Rock orchestra. A critics fav, as well as the darlings of the Prog Rock circuit, she toured internationally, recorded on both of their 2 critically acclaimed cds. Chosen Best New Singer at Prog Fest US, Chapel Hill, NC, fr among edge-pushing bands world wide. QUOTES: "That otherworldly Middle Eastern Indian Flavor with those gorgeous vocals had me itching for more...She's such a great singer." Amazon.com Prog Review "The songs are mainly driven by the voice... The names of Lisa Gerard and even Toyah come to mind when hearing the gorgeous vocals of Cyoakha Grace but her voice is a lot more eastern and is a delight to listen to" Prog Magazine "Cyoakha's vocals at times are reminiscent of Lisa Gerrard & other times seem to be mixture of Siouxsie & Sonja Kristina (Curved Air). " Ectophiles

As a soundtrack writer for avant, horror, indies, shorts & full length films & commercial work she is best known for her work on the animated B & W DREAMQUEST of KADATH, by H.P. LOVECRAFT. PRESS: m "the lush, mesmerizing soundtrack by Cyoakha Grace O'Manion of the band Land of the Blind perfectly complements Thompson's remarkable dreamscapes...the music swept me along through the story." -- Dan Davenport, RPGnet Review

Cyoakha also sits in with BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, SF, opened for Legendary Pink Dots, Oakland Opera Corridor Project.

Cyoakha is also lead singer-songwriter for Afro-Celt-Gypsy dance band, DRUID SISTERS TREE PARTY. "The gypsy-flavored, trance-fueled group known as the Druid Sisters Tea Party...Cyoakha Grace's Kate Bush meets Grace Slick vocals are beautiful" Beyond Chron Review SF's Alternative Daily

RECORDINGS 1997-2012:
ONE EYE Land of the Blind, by Cyoakha Grace
OUT OF CHAOS, Land of the Blind, by Cyoakha Grace
ORDINARY MAGIC Land of the Blind, by Cyoakha Grace
ALTARED CHRISTMAS Rhan Wilson, Cyoakha Grace
AZIGZA Azigza Cyoakha Grace
KRIYA Azigza Cyoakha Grace
GREEN FAERIE Cyoakha Grace solo
ECTOFESTWEST comp Cyoakha Grace
EDGEWALKING BLIND Land of the Blind live, Cyoakha Grace
SHAMANS OF SOUND, Land of the Blind Cyoakha Grace
MOVIE SOUNDS, Big City Orchestra Cyoakha Grace
DRUID SISTERS TEA PARTY, Druid Sisters, Cyoakha Grace
GYPSY LOVE CARAVAN, Druid Sisters, Cyoakha Grace
MOONJUJU, Druid Sisters, Cyoakha Grace

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John Katon
over 30 days ago to Cyoakha Grace

damned hippies ! xx )0( )0(

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John Katon
over 30 days ago

Please dont ferget HEXa TOR ? XX )0(

Cyoakha Grace
over 30 days ago to Cyoakha Grace

touring europe for the winter and spring, back in the usa for summertime shows!

Cyoakha Grace
over 30 days ago to Cyoakha Grace

finishing the zombie sound track for Flesh of My Flesh movie. working on goth cd as well as a meditation cd that fans have been asking for. booking summer fests. all is good.

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