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Rock music. Funk rhythms. Jazz harmonies. This is the Crashing At Dawn sound. We're a high-energy rock band straight from the A-T-izzle. Crashing at Dawn began as a song-writing project combining the collaborative efforts of guitarist, Nick Kirk, bassist, Matt Utterback, drummer, Evan Breanau, and vocalist, Billy Wilkerson.

The band started apart from each other with Nick and Matt in Boston, MA and Billy and Evan in Atlanta, Ga. Recordings were accomplished by sending drum and vocal tracks via the internet from Atlanta to Boston. In fact, The Life and Times of Mr. Popadopolis was recorded in this manner. As far as playing shows is concerned, the band plays out as often as possible, especially in the summers when everyone is in town.

Crashing At Dawn draws its influences from a mighty large pool. Artists such as Pearl Jam, 311, Two Ton Shoe, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Dave Matthews Band provide the sounds to get the juices flowing. We're currently writing and recording our follow-up album to The Life and Times and look forward to playing out as much as possible.


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