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Studio Nine Productions/Michael Nickolas

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Pop - Easy Listening | Holden, Massachusetts, United States
Total Song Plays: 14,347   
Member Since: 2007
   Last Login: 3/25/2019

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Hi Roy, thanks for adding "Africa Sway" to your playlist. I've had good success with that track, it's even been used in two different feature films. Both are streaming on Netflix now. "1 Mile to You" and "Hector and the Search for Happiness". I even made the credits of "1 Mile to You"!

Roy Elkins posted over 30 days ago

Michael, Congrats on your success! It's no surprise to me that you are finding commercial success. Thanks for being a member! Roy

Hi Michael (Studio Nine Productions), Hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I see you were also chosen for a non-exclusive listing by Eddie Of The Sea (Bollywood and Indian tracks for new catalogue listing). Eddie has sent me a contract but it is EXCLUSIVE and the listing stated NON-EXCLUSIVE? Did this happen to you? I've pulled him up over it and waiting for a reply? Regards, David


Hi David, yes, I noticed the same. I haven't responded to his email yet. Tomorrow I plan to write broadjam to get a refund, as I never would have submitted if I'd known it was exclusive. I'll probably write Music of the Sea also on Monday and tell them Broadjam messed up the listing (even though it could have been Eddie messing it up). See what happens from there...

David Banks posted over 30 days ago

Thanks for your reply! Eddie did exactly the same thing to me in 2016? He agreed to send me an nonexclusive contract so I signed it and sent about 15 tracks (retitled) but he never downloaded them? His company seem a bit unprofessional. If he gets back to me with another nonexclusive contract I'm reluctant to let him have more than a couple of tracks!

Awesome music


Thanks, very kind of you.

Superb music!!


Thanks for listening!

Awesome!! Keep up


Thanks for listening!

Douglas Amell posted over 30 days ago to Roy Elkins

Hi Roy. Just a thought for an idea for next year's 6-pack if possible. Instead of just scoring the top 20 songs in any can on a sliding scale, how about scoring the top 30. You would still only show the top 20 positions, but this would mean someone with songs in the 22nd and 28 th positions, which is still quite impressive, wouldn't necessarily get squeezed out of a top 20 spot by someone with tons of song submissions (none of which may even be close to top 20 but they score a single point per song submission, and so can knock out some worthier songwriting talent). Just an idea. Thoughts?

Roy Elkins posted over 30 days ago

Doug, Thanks for the feedback. Every year we tweak the 6-Pack and your input is timely. I am not sure what changes will be made, but we will address all of the suggestions that come in. All the best, Roy

Douglas Amell posted over 30 days ago

Thanks Roy. I really appreciate how you address members' concerns. Part of what makes me proud to share Broadjam with my friends from all over.

Hi Roy, long time since we've corresponded! How's everything?

I notice a major increase in broadjam's daily postings of licencing opportunities. Just wondering what's going on "behind the scenes". I guess you've reached out to a bunch of new opportunity providers? Looks like maybe ad agencies and song shoppers? Are you expecting to or have already seen a proportional increase in placements? What can you tell us? Thanks for any info!

Roy Elkins posted over 30 days ago

Michael, Thanks for this. As you pointed out, we have aggressively reached beyond film and tv into labels and agencies. It's a little too early to tell, but generally our numbers have been consistently around 9-11% for years. While I do expect more licensing and placement deals as the volume increases, I believe the percentage will stay about the same. Label deals are little more difficult, but we feel we have made some strong inroads into the pop & r&b worlds. Agency deals are a less difficult, but there is a lot of good competition here as well. We'll keep trying. Thanks for your observation and all the great dialogue. Best, Roy

NashvilleJoe posted over 30 days ago

Hey ROY--still in a lot of pain--but I managed to get to the library today for a little bit--THANXS FOR EVERYTHING--I might be back in action soon! Been pretty warm here in Florida--Hope all is well with you and your family--cheers--joe

Roy Elkins posted over 30 days ago

Hey Joe, Thanks for the note and glad you are up and around. All the best to you. Roy

Tom Ballister posted over 30 days ago

Hi Roy! Just a suggestion... about the page that always pops up after you submit a song... that "What would you like to say to the reviewer" page. It would be nice to see that automated. I save a notepad file with per-song comments I want to enter, always have to browse for that file, open it, select, copy, paste. I really do know how lazy I am, but it's a repetitive task. it would be nice if those per-song comments were extracted and saved/updated when the page is submitted, and then auto re-populated next time the songs gets submitted??? Best wishes for your holidays!!

Roy Elkins posted over 30 days ago

Hey Tom, Thanks for the suggestion. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to do. I'll check with the guys. All the best to you as well. Roy

john wayre posted over 30 days ago

Hi Roy
Many thanks for including my piano pieces in top jazz.
Best regards
John Wayre

Roy, I have to say congratulations on your success with BroadJam. I just started doing song reviews again after a 7 year hiatus, and am amazed at the vast improvement in quality. Thanks again for BroadJam.

Roy Elkins posted over 30 days ago

John, Congrats. Good work.
Pursuit, Glad to have you back in action. Best of luck, Roy

Al Hovden posted over 30 days ago

Thanks for the 5 star rating on When You Were Here Roy! I really appreciate it!

Roy Elkins posted over 30 days ago

Al, You are welcome! Well deserved.

There's a movie streaming on Netflix now - "Hector and the Search for Happiness". One of my tracks, an African piece, is used as source music for a scene one hour and one minute in. Takes place in an internet cafe and my track is very soft in the background!

Abram Band posted over 30 days ago

Congratulations! We are very happy ! This is great news! We can imagine how you must feel hearing your music playing. Dean & Jacalyn Abram Band

Thanks for writing! I actually saw the movie when it was out in theaters, on the big screen. It was a good time.

Also on Netflix now is "Inescapable" (the one from 2012 with Marisa Tomei). I also have a source music placement there and I'm even listed in the end credits!

(sorry, hope you don't mind a little self-promotion from me! That's what the internet is for, right :-)

Abram Band posted over 30 days ago

My God we are very happy to here the Good news!
Self Promotion I wouldn't call it that it is Success and placement in a Film! Hope for everyone on BJ. Thank you for sharing! Dean & Jacalyn Abram Band

Just passed 11,000 plays! Also had music selected recently by two different Broadjam licensing opportunities!

Abram Band posted over 30 days ago

Congrats on placements! That is great news! Dean & Jacalyn Sail Friend

>Message from Oskar Christian: musical greetings and best success<

Thank you Oskar, and the same to you!


Hello Starburst and thanks for the recent listens to my music and the five star ratings! I wish you continued success!

From one Massachusetts artist to another,

Michael Nickolas
Studio Nine Productions

StarburstRecords posted over 30 days ago

You're very welcome, Michael! I was so happy to discover such a great talent right here in good old Massachusetts! Love you work!

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