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Edwin Lee derived from the middle names or group member's CHUCAN & GOO-LAW to make one undeniable sound & personality unheard of rather it's the harmony, lyrics or real life they display in their artistry. The choice of words, tracks & direction is new & refreshing to the ears of listeners that can't help but get drawn into EDWIN LEE world as they see it & lived it. The best ways they figure to get that accomplish is to write, produce, mix and master their own work. Rather its the in your face content of words, harmonizing hooks, crafty sounds in the tracks, or just soul drenching music, their a definite group to look forward to hearing from in the near future....

This is a group that should definitely be on the radio due to the fact that it's a lot of music that's catchy or have a good beat but it's a rarity of a EDWIN LEE that's going to step the bar up with different ways to approach a track with a whole new choice of words, harmony, and direction while still captivating the listener...

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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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