Chicago Bob is a professional award wining and featured songwriter that is known for creating great songs and "beautiful melodies" that can be used in a variety of genres. He is drawn towards ballads in the County, Folk, Rock, Pop and Worship genres.    He also does contemplative  New Wave, EDM and orchestrial instrumentals for video/tv and meditation.

Chicago Bob's specializes in writing music to existing lyrics that capture the intent and feelings of the lyric writer. 

He is currently doing a lot of work in Artificial Intelligence for music and video and will be releasing songs done through AI soon to demonstrate the value in music production creativity

Latest News

Awarded top 40 songwriters from PG Music Radio and was recently a featured Artist at the NVIDIA annual conference where they featured his latest song "More of Me"  Original Song: More of Me

In March Sister's in Sound and Women of Substance podcasts featured several of his song.

Currently have two top 10 songs on the Broadjam country charts
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Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago to Chicago Bob

I'll be your Weekend is a cool number and she has great vocals.
Really enjoyed it!
It should be on a Big Artist's Album, in my opinion.
I've just finished writing a song which includes the lyrics, "we climb every mountain high...."
Something similar to yours!
Great minds....!
If there were more stars I would give them, but five will have to do!
Check out my, "Dear Jane" if you have time!

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Chicago Bob
over 30 days ago

Wow-- Thanks Jim for the endorsement. I look forward to listening to your songs in general and Dear Jane in particular later this evening

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