Chasing Fabio is a mix of creativity, fun and youth. The band consists of two female vocalists: Regina Reynolds,16, on guitar and Kimberly Berman,15, on bass and Nadine Bhebe tearing up the drums. They write their own song lyrics and melodies. They are working on their first album that is scheduled to come out, possibly, by the end of the summer, entitled "Uninspired" with Geyser Records and Promotions.

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Meet the Drummer!

Nadine Bhebe is 15 years old and is a sophmore at Santaluces High School.
She is a member of the percussion section of the Santaluces Marching Band,
the top band in their class in the state. She is also in the advanced woman's chorus
and has been involved in musical performances in the drama department. Nadine
has studied drumming for four years, receiving first place in snare and drumset competitions.
Favorite bands include: Greenday, Bob Marley, Cradle of Filth, and Slipknot.

Meet the Guitarist!

Regi Reynolds is 15 years old and is also a sophomore at A.W. Dreyfoos
School of the Arts and, she too, is a vocal major. Singing has always been a big
part of her life; she was in the elementary school chorus, middle school chorus and
also attended the 2004 All-State Treble Chorus and the 2005 All-State Mixed
Chorus. Regi has been playing guitar for about three years with much thanks to her
brother who taught her. She enjoys playing guitar, piano, singing and going to the
beach. Favorite bands include: Sublime, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, and Nirvana.

Meet the Bassist!

Kimi Berman is a 15 year old vocal major at A.W. Dreyfoos School of
the Arts. She has been singing for many years since
her musically-talented father influenced her to sing with him during karaoke and
to play piano. In 2004, Kimi was chosen to be in the All-State Treble Chorus
after passing nerve-wracking tests to prove her eligibility. She has been playing
bass for only a year and has improved,and still is improving, since she first
began. She enjoys playing bass, singing, and hanging out with her friends.
Favorite bands include: The Doors,
Led Zeppelin, Queen, Weezer, and Pat Benatar.

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