Ice T, Dougie fresh, Ice Cube, Krs1, Poor Richous Teachers, Warreng/Snoop, 2 pac, & King T, after Los. Angeles/New York. Ya just learn to bang on the mic like a pro;) I truely hope everybody finds something in my music that they like. Its just like the title of my album--its my styles of my music.

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I use to rap with many Players in the game. My style is what it is, hip hop fiends, lyricist, writers, Gangstas, Players, (Bonifide) Hustlers & Pimps/Pimplets get into it. Really dig it .

Love it
Feel it
Get Ya Grove on
Various inspirations happened in my life
That was the inspiration for this record. Please pass my myspace to a friend;).

Much Love, Charliemudd
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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