This site is built to collect donations for the performance of Mahler´s and others new classical compositions by a real orchestra. There will also be Fotos and more of those performances and artists involved at this site.
Enjoy-Burkhard Mahler

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"...Burkhard Mahler's "Fusion White Classics" is an example how music can be a complicated thing. The layering, evolving textures underneath traditional jazz style instrument playing create soundscapes that paint a unique and, at times, wonderful picture of harmony and melody. I am inspired to listen to the 17 other albums by Mahler and look forward to them and future albums with welcomed anticipation. "
(IMD review by Zack Kiley)

Burkhard Mahler has been working in Munich, Germany as an independent musician, composer and producer since 11 years, having released about 20 albums. He is playing guitar and keyboard.

Mahler looks upon music as art and communication: He stands for scores which intrigue a broad variety of listeners with an everlasting experience.
Main feedback of his audience and critics: "This is unique !"

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