Martine Baker has original music with it's own Country, Rock, Blues & Jazz sound!
Martine Baker is originally from Rapid City, South Dakota. In her early years she grew up near the Black Hills & learned to appreciate the beauty of nature & ruggedness of the plains. When she was in middle school, her family moved to Florida where she was exposed to the gentle Southern culture & climate. She truely felt at home in this beautiful, tropical state. Martine writes song lyrics & melodies as well as performing lead & back up vocals. Martine gets her original ideas from everyday life. The joys as well as the pain & heartaches, Martine is able to convey into a song that will make you smile or bring a tear to your eye. She is a breast cancer survivor for 5 years now & enjoys life to the fullest. "Music" is Martine Baker's first love. When not working as an RN, Martine is busy working on writing music & creating songs that may inspire or humor you.
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