Briticana consists of singer-songwriters Mandy Woods (based in the UK) and Terri Calderon (of Nashville, Tennessee). The pair, who met in Nashville in April 2010, write and perform together in the US and Europe.

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Briticana performed in the UK and further afield in Europe, including Greece, in the summer of 2011. See their website,, for details of gigs. They have released an album of songs they co-wrote and/or performed on together, entitled 'You Just Need One'. The title track is currently being played in Caffe Nero outlets across the UK.


Singer songwriters Mandy Woods from the UK and Terri Calderon from the US (Nashville) write and perform together as Briticana. Over the past year they have written a number of songs together, including 'You Just Need One', 'Let Her Go', 'I Can Tell' and 'Don't Wanna Run'. They have also each recently released albums, 'The Woman You Are Now' (Mandy) and 'Just Me' (Terri), both available from Mandy and Terri--drop them an email at Earlier this year Briticana played a number of gigs in the UK, where they have established a loyal core of supporters.

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