brian harris

A soulful vocalist and fiery keyboardist, Brian Harris brings depth and passion to every note he plays. As songwriter and composer he brings together Integral Theory, soul, jazz and funk to create his groovin' post-modern gospel music. He shares his passion for music with young musicians as a mentor, educator and volunteer.

Brian's 20+ years in the music business include studies in Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music; gigs as producer, arranger and session musician with numerous Northwest artists; and live performances with a host of local and national artists including: Patrick Lamb, Norman Sylvester, Carl Anderson and Kenny Loggins.

Currently, Brian brings it with Sumo, The Greg Earl Band, The Groove, and New Thought Ministries of Oregon. He is seemingly ever at work on an imminent CD, ?Heady Goodness?.

Select tracks from Brian's albums "Mountain, Mountain" and "Jai Rom" can be purchased individually from

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