John Boss and Larry Till started out long ago as teenagers playing cover tunes with friends. Although they have been playing together all these years they haven't always been in the same bands. John is more country and Larry is more rock'n'roll. Together they write in many genres. They have written rock, country, accoustics, folk, and others. The way they express it, "We writes what we feels."
When they discovered affordable home recording a few years ago it was the door of opportunity opening. Together, along with a number of instruments to achieve thier sound, they are finally able to lay down tracks and leave a legacy of song for all to hear. Songs that are getting rave reviews by just about all who hear them.
Supported by a very loyal fan base, BosTil has become an institution within the realm of music. Although they have retired from the live venue, they are still sought after for thier writing and arranging talents.
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