London, England, Nov. 2008.. Bob Nierstedt is Country through and through. Though he started writing relatively late in life, Bob has amassed a body of songs that would please any top writer.This talent is showcased on the album "Country On MY Mind" which, with it's stripped back instrumentation, allows the relevance of the lyrics and honest vocal performance to shine through. The 13 well crafted songs are poignnant,humorous,sad, and happy, even inspiring. In fact they cover most emotions experienced by the listener in any given period of time; and this is what country music is all about-real people in real situations. Christine Sykes provides effective harmony and duet vocals. Sample: "A Woman Just Knows","Even Love Can Use A Hand","Just Once More","Tito the Frito Bandito" and "One Sock Short of a Pair"


Bob"s interest in Country music began in the mid 60's sitting around kitchen tables drinking beer and learning to play Hank Snow, Merle Haggard, Ernie Tubb songs.He put the guitar down for a lot of years while working and helping to raise three sons. After retiring and moving to Florida he picked it up again and wrote his first song at 60 years of age.He now has 3 CD's and about 60 copyrighted songs to his credit including several licensed to CBS. His goal is to help keep Traditional Country alive.


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