Blythe Gamble and the Rollin' Dice are a seasoned group of musicians playing traditional blues covers and one of a kind originals. Bill Roberts is the best guitarist you've probably never heard and has been playing amazing music in Madison for longer than anyone, John Swadley playing bass and proving he's been a staple in the Madison jam scene for many years as well, Nathan Meronek playing with greats such as Charlie and Tate lays down drums better than any young guy on the scene...he's been taught by the best, and the band powerhouse Blythe Gamble on the vocals and writing the songs. She lays it all on the line holding nothing back....with songs spouting from true inner passion.

Sounds Like: Beth Hart, Koko Taylor

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We are more than happy to announce that Blythe is now 1 of the 4 finalists in The MAMA's Blues Performer of the Year, due to the support and votes from all of you fine people!... but it's not over yet folks! Now starts round 2 of the voting! Please go to and vote once again for Blythe Gamble (you will NOT have to make another $5 donation). The voting will end on Monday, May 9th. Again, thank you all for getting Blythe this much closer to the finish line!!!

John "Cousin John" Swadley

John was born and raised on Madison's west side in a typical middle class family 'till one Sunday night in February of '64 he witnessed an event that would change his life forever. The next day with shears in hand he made from cardboard his first guitar. But some thing was missing. Sound. A year or so, a used Teisco guitar and a borrowed Silvertone amp, later he joined his first band. But something was missing. Music. So a few lessons and couple hundred blisters later it happened, but something was still missing. People to play to. Years past bands came and went still no people 'till one day in the late '70's (after answering an add in the Shopper Stopper) he joined a band and people came. Addiction set in. Since then John has played in numerous bands of many styles from British rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Polka (yes Polka another Shopper Stopper add), Country, Acoustic Rock, Blues and compelling people to get up and get down for decades. In between bands John has run sound and light for several local bands, earned a degree in recording engineering, and started a small recording studio. Then one day he was asked if he would roll the dice one more time, where he remains today.

Bill Roberts

It is the sixth year of our lord on the day of antiquity in the month of mummification and I am born! I was left on the doorstep of a very wealthy family who dropped me off at an orphanage where I ended up being raised ! I grew up in a state of morbid curiosity and my teachers suffered my many questions on the meaning of life! Soon after being expelled from my 15th school I discovered the beetles and everything changed! I was absolutely besotted with them! Soon I collected everything I could about them and even managed to get one to my house ! But my Foster Dad upon seeing it smashed it with his newspaper and that was the end of my beetle phase! Soon after I discovered the guitar and weedled constantly to be given one for my birthday ! But since no one seemed to know when the day of antiquity was I never got one .Instead it fell to me to make my fortune and procure a guitar on my own. But since this is a short bio I shall leave that tale to another day !

Blythe Gamble

Blythe has had a true love for music since she was a young child. She has performed and written music herself since age 17 in venues and with bands all over the USA. She comes from a large musical family and states that music is her medicine. She is a hard-working single mother of a 16 yr old girl, and puts her heart and soul into caring for her...the light of her life. Blythe is dedicated to making and writing music that people can relate to, and that she can really feel when singing. The woman doesn't know how to hold back. Her voice is like a tidal wave that washes over you...but one you'd delight to drown in!


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