Also known as "" Why? Because I've got ISSUES. But hey, so do you, if you're honest.

My influences? Probably YOU. I suck the inspiration out of everybody I meet. I am an eclectic songwriter,

My only regret in life is that I am not someone else. -Woody Allen

"What I lack in youth, I make up for in immaturity" - Bill Ross (I have a song by the same name).

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UK Contest:2007 Semi Final
All At Once -Folk/Cntry
Blessed Be the Name the Name of the Lord - Religious

Runner up!

Top 10:
For God and Ireland
Stolen Kisses -Rock-Alt
Wounded Ego Break 1 -Rock-Psych
LA Highway Special -Folk.(twice)
Train Song -Cntry
The Lord is my Light -Cntry
Call On You -Pop-Relig
For Freedom -Rock-Relig (2x).
Rise Up My Love


"...these songs go way deeper into the Bible and human relations than Christian songs usually go..."

Quotes from fans

?Bill Ross? songs are unique - just like everybody else?s.?
- Bill?s Reviewer.

?I thinks he can writes well.?
- Bill?s English Teacher.

?I guess he sings OK, but I don?t approve of him as a person. He?s invalid worm-dirt.?
- Bill?s Dad.

?We knew he would never amount to anything?
- Bill?s Mom.

?He writes from the heart - which explains his pained, anemic look.?
- Bill?s Doctor.

?Young people like him, despite the fact that he is basically an 'old fart'.?
- Bill?s church youth leader.

?Old people like him, but they prefer not to show it.?
- Bill?s Psychiatrist.

?Dead people that are rigid in a smiling position continue to smile after hearing his songs.?
- Bill?s Undertaker.

?People from all walks of life relate to Bill?s songs in the same way - they think that they know what he is talking about in his songs, but they aren?t sure.?
- Bill?s Fan.

But seriously, folk...

He isn?t ?alternative?, just odd.
He isn?t ?easy listening?, just hard of hearing.
He isn?t ?rock?, but he has been known to shake things up.
He isn?t ?blues?, but he plays a red guitar.
He isn?t ?contemporary?, but he you?ll find something to like in his original songs.

Bill Ross motto

What I lack in youth, I make up for immaturity!

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