Jerry & Ruby Cranmer
Song Album (Winter Snow)
We sing and play country and, country, Gospel Music. Ruby sings & Sounds a little like,--- Kitty Wells.---
Jerry Sings & sounds some what like a mixture of---
Hank Williams, Johnny Cash & Carl Smith. & 30's type Country.
Our songs are about Life Experiences.
We Play at Community Centers, Church's and Nursing home's, Prison's, and where ever we are asked.
We are in our later years in life and are looking to the future with--- Jesus,our Lord and Savior. as many of our songs say, Our Gospel Songs Were inspired with this faith.
We believe that our music has a true sound of country that will both warm and bless heart's. The song Winter Snow was written by Ruby for Jerry on thier 52, wedding anniversary.
The song, Who'll hold my hand. was inspired bye Ruby after hearing Lacy Peterson mother shairing her hurt's about Lacy and Cornnor her grandson
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