This album contains twelve songs written to convey the idea of intergalactic travel.

Please feel free to explore among the stars.

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I now have a new album called Where are we now?
The name of my band is ASTRO TRAVELERS.
The album can be found here and on iTunes.

About Astro Travelers

Astro Travelers is the name of my band.

I decided on this name since my music is electronic in nature.
I am originally from New York City and now reside in Carlsbad,CA
My interests have always been creative in nature, some of them are Music, Art,Video editing,Computers, Electronic gagets,Cooking, Movies, Fast Cars.
I am the sole member in my band since I create, compose, and record my own music in my recording studio called ADB PRODUCTIONS which has many interesting and fun instruments which I use in my craft.
One day I hope to have my music featured in movies, TV, or Radio.

More to come...

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