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They're commonly called "Military Brats," a catch-all term describing children of armed forces parents who are often moved around from state to state. You undoubtedly knew at least one while growing up - they were the "new kid" that was never in school long enough to make lasting friendships before getting shipped away to another far-off location with Mom and Dad.

Did you ever wonder what became of any of them as adults?
Virginia-based singer/songwriter Andy Budd grew up as one of those kids of a military man. Budd, whose father, Tim, was a career Marine officer, lived in more U.S. states before graduating high school than most people ever visit in a lifetime. With the Marines calling the shots as to where the Budd family called home, Andy found it difficult to feel at home anywhere. His one refuge and constant companion was music.

"It was easy enough to make friends, but difficult to develop meaningful lasting friendships," Budd says. "I wasn't part of any particular crowd. I was always the third wheel, always hanging out with a buddy and his girlfriend. But what got me through was music," he says, speaking of the magic in music that was his saving grace.

Despite the numerous addresses, he was lucky to be raised in a musical family with nearly every immediate family member talented at playing piano, guitar, ukulele or singing. Andy naturally gravitated to learning music Andy was given his first guitar for Christmas when he was 16. Later in high school, a friend who played guitar and sang at a local dive, often invited Andy to fill-in for him during breaks at the bar.

Andy probably could have very easily pursued a career in music, but life took him in another direction at 21. Marriage and family responsibility became a priority and he says he "pretty much quit playing music" so he could devote his attention to supporting his family.

Andy started writing songs in 2005 and released his debut album "Saints and Scoundrels" in 2007. Andy is following up Saints & Scoundrels with "This Crazy Dream", an album that furthers his growth as a singer/songwriter with more acoustic/electric countrified tunes."Jimmy Buffett for President" is the rollicking, humorous first single.

Hard work and dedication paid off in the business world for Andy - a payoff that allows him to pursue his music writing and recording and to donate proceeds from his music sales to Habitat for Humanity. His musical goals are humble and plain: To make a difference in someone's life, a little radio play, and to someday soon have others like his songwriting enough to record his material.

Andy simply wants to pay homage to music and creativity, those faithful companions that saw him through a challenging childhood and helped him recapture a lifelong love of music.

In addition to songwriting and occasionally performing at local charity events, Andy is the owner of Country Chevrolet located in Warrenton, VA.

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