I'm an up and coming producer by the name of Andre "Cresendo"Spivey aka Dre Mode.I love music always have and always will. I am a professional musician, playinv the piano, guitar. I have credits, kive playing for Lyfe Jennings, Avant concerts and so Art, Rhymes and Beer Festivals. I have worked producing for independent artist in Portugal, Tampa, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, NYC, Indianapolis, Ohio, San Diego and Florida.

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I am looking forward to networking and listening to hot music on this website!

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I love music of all genres, but I produce hip hop and R&B. I've been playing the piano and drums since the age 11. I've played live gigs for artist Lyfe, Jennings, Avant. I've had piano ques, instrumentals in film, television shows, also sold for commercials.

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Hey Dre! Your music is fantastic! I was born in Tampa. How about that?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUo EDPfDiHY

Listening to lots of new music, lots of world music! Mostly I've been using music in the apps that I build for kids. It's a long way from the hip hop I do typically, but it's fun too!

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