Amir Khan is a professional composer who works in multiple genres in a variety of media. Since the release of his first solo instrumental album in 1990 (EMI), Amir has been composing, arranging and performing original music.

He has collaborated with international artists on Far East Peach, a independent label based in Tokyo, Japan. Their album "Round and Round" includes a single co-written by Amir and Hideo Inai called "Sacred Mantara - Remix".

A number of Amir's composition can be found on commercial music catalogs like Pumpaudio, Yookamusic, MSpro and Machester Music.

Amir has worked as sound designer/composer for online video game Destiny of the sword, in-development by Hack & Sack Group. Some of his recent credits include sound track on ShowTime hit series Ray Donovan, The Travel Channel and numerous other placements in TV and other media internationally.

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New website: offering live technical and tutorial support for Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, Reason, Live and Cubase

Amir Khan - Multi Genre Composer

Amir Khan is an American composer whose multi genre work has been published in multiple media across the globe. His main instrument is the keyboard but he is well-versed in several instruments including classical sitar and tabla.

Amir is Berklee Music alumni specializing in computer music production. With over 20 years of composing & arranging experience, Amir is always exploring new music technology and new media. Some of his recent projects include composition/sound design for video games & collaborations with international artists. Amir's first solo album, Space Dimensions (EMI 1990) is available globally.

Amir's music is also available on commercial licensing catalogs like PumpAudio, Manchester Music and MSpro. His published work has appeared/appearing on EMI International and Far East Peach (Japan) & Quickstar Productions (USA) labels.

Amir also operates, a live technical and tutorial support site for Pro Tools, Sonar, Logic, Reason, Live and Cubase.

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