Solo artist rock and metal. I play all real and virtual instruments and produce and record everything i do. I have a home studio were i do all the writing, playing and recording etc...

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I am posting some new songs.

I love music

I love music of all kinds but especialy metal and hard rock. Music gives me peace and to a limit is like therapy. I play music because it makes me happy and keeps me sane.

Music lover and improviser

I have a real passion for music. what i'm trying to do is to create spontaneous music kind like a jazz player will do but with a rock concept. In my normal life i am a college profesor i teach electronics and industrial instrumentation. On my free time i try to make the best possible music i can. I have never studied music theory neither taken lessons to play an instrument, i never thought that i be composing , playing and recording my own music, but with that said i think i have a feel for it and it comes very natural to me. Im looking to go to the next level and play in a band and hopefully play some gigs in the future.


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I need your help!

I entered into a competition in Canada that requires as many votes as possible to win! Please help me, just click this link and vote "HOT" for me it only takes 5 seconds!!!!!
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(you can vote once per day... competition ends Sept 30th hint hint!!! LOL) thank you so much!!!!!!

Love and Blessings and best of luck to you!

Keep Creating,
Yolanda :)

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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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