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Remember the name Alex Ardour. A rising star and versatile guitarist coming out of London, Alex is set to take the music landscape by storm.

Born Alexander James William Turner to a religious family 26 years ago in West London, the self-taught guitarist has perfected his raw skills into something to marvel and is currently showcasing his act on the live circuit around the UK capital.

Alex was raised on Michael Jackson, and although he was a bookish teen, declared early on that he wanted to be a musician. The creative bug already had bitten him, as Alex was a portrait artist specializing in sketches and drawings. His sister Josie, however, always opened the door to music with her keen follower-ship of Pop hits and the radio.

His parents where iffy about him pursuing music, but where ever so open to encouraging their children to follower their dreams. In 2000, by coincidence, Alex began painting using music for inspiration.

"It worked wonders for me," he says. "I found myself more relaxed, more at piece and believe it or not, more creative. Some of my best art work from that period where because of the music I was listening to," Alex says.

Fast forward five years, and finally, Alex decided to get a guitar.

"When I bought that guitar, I decided to shelve the PlayStation, and for ages, I was playing Guns and Roses' Sweet Child of Mine in my own way," he quips.

"I then did a lot of research online about basics in reading music and codes and in no time, I was well versed in the fundamental structures of music. I am no expert, but I retain confidence in my raw skills," Alex says.

Gradually, Alex ventured towards other instruments: synthesizers, the ukulele, drum. "I love music, without limitations of genres. I am also young, so am open to all sorts of sounds from techno, jazz, rock, dub step...all music, is good music!" Alex notes.

Alex has performed at various venues as a backing musician and is looking forward to breaking the mold and signing to a major record label.

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