North Star Sessions

North Star Sessions is a collection of 7 original and one traditional winter/holiday/Christmas-themed songs penned and performed by Erik Kjelland (The Mascot Theory) and Beth Kille. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Kjelland and Kille are no strangers to the joy, beauty and the perils of winter and holiday season. As the co-founders of Flannel Fest (, they are ardent supporters of the Americana music scene who began co-writing in the fall of 2013. Song themes include; struggling through the winter weather to return to a paramour after time on the road (North Star), trying to survive the dredge of the long, cold season by leaning on true love (Winter's Long Shadow), and making New Year's resolution to start living life to the fullest (December 31st). Kille and Kjelland harmonize throughout the album, blending their signature voices, in a style reminiscent of The Civll Wars or eastmountainsouth. North Star Sessions features Kjelland on acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals, Kille on acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals, Paul Metz (The Mascot Theory) on percussion, ida Jo on violin, Jami Simpson (The Dang-Its) on banjo and Art Ranney on bass, and Shawndell Marks on piano.

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