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UK Songwriting Contest 2016 Result:
Retro Category Semi Finalist
"So Good To See You Again (A Song for Inés)"

UK Songwriting Contest 2013 Results:
Acoustic, Faith/Christian & Open Category Semi-Finalist
"Be The Change (All Around The World)"
Acoustic Category Semi-Finalist
"Ride That Horse Like You Stole It"

UK Songwriting Contest 2011 Results:
Show Songs category Semi-Finalists:
"Impossibly Lovely You"
"When the Snow Falls"
Jazz/Blues category Semi-Finalist:
"Impossibly Lovely You"
Folk/Acoustic category Semi-Finalists:
"Storms & Wild Horses"
Olympic Theme & Intrumental category Semi-Finalist:
"Storms & Wild Horses Instrumental"

UK Songwriting Contest 2009 Result:
Open category:
"Pirates Of The Caribbean" - Semi-Finalist


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