ADFitz (Andrew Fitzpatrick) is an up-and-coming producer/artist hailing from the Twin Cities. Currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, ADFitz hopes to pursue his dream of becoming a professional songwriter. His style is quite diverse ranging from hip hop and experimental electronica, to adult contemporary and powerful pop/rock ballads.

From a young age, ADFitz was inspired by many unique sounds. His musicality was developed over a decade of listening to hip hop, R&B, progressive rock and metal, electonica, and pop. As an accomplished beatboxer and performer himself, ADFitz has an eye and ear for talent. Over the years, ADFitz has honed his style to a sound that is versatile and unique yet very much his own. He is currently working with some of the most promising young talent in the city of Madison and is continuing to build his resume. Equipped with an unwavering sense of passion and a gifted ear, ADFitz will not stop until he achieves his goals.


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Alex Legg
over 30 days ago to ADFitz

Thanks for your comprehensive, very positive and encouraging review of my tune, 'I Think I'll Watch the Rain'. Above and beyond the call indeed. I'm glad you liked it. The blips on the track were probably because its a live cut from a gig with some audience noises in background. I hope these noises do add something rather than detract from the song. Thanks again A L

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