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Born August 23rd 1978, one half of a set of twins, Zita Ortiz is one of 12 siblings, all of which has been blessed with musical capabilities. From early childhood she recalls the musical influences of gospel music in her family home. Her father, the late Thomas "Dickie" Threat was a part of the 1950's R&B group The Five Keys. Although he left the music business to marry Eula "Faye" Williams, the true love of his life, music never left his soul. He passed this on to his children. He would often gather his children together to sing gospel songs (covering singles from groups such as The Mighty Clouds of Joy, many times performing in the home church. "I remember my father placing emphasis on harmony," Zita recalls. Her father was impressed with the vocal abilities, and this soon led to the creation of the family singing group known simply as The Threats. From the late 1980s into the early 90's the group consisted of 7 of the brothers and sisters. The group spent many nights rehearsing harmonies that they admired by their favorite group, Commissioned. Most of their performances at the local churches included acappella renditions of Commissioned hits. The group was commended on their abilities to perfectly blend and harmonize effortlessly. This was credited to the "gift" that God allowed to be passed from their father on to his children. As the family grew older however, many of the original members found other interests and eventually the group disbanded. Nonetheless, Zita found herself writing her own songs and began to develop her own style of singing and performing. "The greatest desire I have" she has stated, " is to step out of myself and allow the true message of the song to come forth." As she grew older and matured in her faith, she began to realize the call on her life was to evangelize the word of God. In 2003 she Married Steven Ortiz and moved to Laurel MD, where together they continue to serve in ministry. Understanding the power that music has to reach millions, Zita has dedicated her life to spreading a message of hope in hopeless times! Zita relays personal experiences in her music, convinced that "in order to effectively change someone else's life, you must share what God has brought you through." Her voice has been noted as having a "mellowing, calming & moving" effect. Zita Ortiz's writing style has been noted as a unique fusion of inspirational, contemporary r&b, pop, and soft rock flavor. Musically, she credits Fred Hammond as her greatest inspiration. Her saying is: "God's will shall be done in my life!"
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