Twisted Entertainment, a Finnish independent music company that focuses in releasing music and music videos plus licensing songs, promoting, marketing bands and booking shows.

Twisted Entertainment roster:
Rattus (punk/hc)

chILL (rock/metal)

Strange Experience (rock/progressive/psychedelic)

Kierobeat (electronic)

Contact: Jouni Rantanen
+358 503365312

Latest News

chILL breaks four years of silence with an explosion by releasing their new EP " Artificially Alive". "Artificially Alive" is released through Finnish Twisted Entertainment, which released the band`s first full-length album "Controlled Chaos" in 2008 and the 2010 promo "In Your Spine".

RiQ Lahtinen mixed and mastered the album and the stunning artwork is done by Mikko Raima (pnkfd).
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Clean Clean

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