I have been told that I sound like a republican version of Steve Earle. I think that I write songs from a "Garage Logic" point of view. I write stories about life in America and I set them to music. Give a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Singer Songwriter

I am a singer / songwriter who writes from the heart so I am sometimes difficult to classify. I have a few songs that I would love to get cut cut by country artists but for the most part I am happy writing, singing and playing music that I have created from the deep well that is my inquisitive and unigue mind. I hope you like what you hear.


Mike Tuckner was born and raised on the East Side of St. Paul, MN and has been a musician/singer/songwriter for 18 years. He graduated from St. Cloud State University in 1993 with a degree in Communications and has lived in the St. Cloud area pretty much ever since. The majority of his professional time since then has been spent in the fields of radio, television and newspaper advertising as well as running Mike Tuckner Entertainment.

Creatively, Tuckner has amassed a unique stable of original acoustic music that reflects the influence of his mentors who include such singer-songwriters as Bruce Springsteen, Toby Keith and John Mellencamp.

His unapologetic songwriting is combined with his innate ability to capture the essence of the subject matter he is covering. Tuckner’s song “Where I Come From” challenges the times we live in where people “sue each other over spilled coffee”. His songs tell stories that allow you to see inside a man who has lived a life that needs to be shared. For instance, he is a Gulf War Veteran and terrific father. He was once the subject matter of a television news story about his own stolen identity that won an Emmy Award for “Best Investigative News Story” in the country. He thinks of himself as a storyteller more than a musician, but in such songs as “Why’s the Simple Life So Hard?” you get the feeling that he just might know how to write a catchy “tune” as well as thought-provoking words.

Tuckner recently wrote and recorded a song called “We Will Find You” about missing University of North Dakota Student Dru Sjodin that was featured on her web site at www.finddru.com. As you listen to the words of this song you can tell that Tuckner doesn’t need a canvas to paint a picture.

If you like music that defies all classifications other than “good” you will love to hear the music of Mike Tuckner.

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