Thoughtfully written alternative rock with great hooks and a fresh edgy sound.

Story of The Rideaways

Justin Kaufman and his 2000 song repertoire arrived at Connecticut College in the fall of 2000. Instead of using the college’s resources to pursue his interests in neuroscience and government, Justin spent the majority of his time arranging, recording, and performing his songs. Justin’s intense passion for music immediately caught the attention of Alex Sandman, a fellow freshman and blossoming lead guitar player, and the two would soon pair up to form the most driven and innovative creative duo in history. Over the course of the next three years, Kaufman and Sandman dedicated the majority of their time towards crafting and polishing songs, learning production and engineering, and planning their assault on the international music scene.
After graduation, they moved to New York City to build a band and record their first album. Within no time, Kaufman’s songs generated tremendous interest among popular producers, specifically Roger Moutenot (Guster, Yo La Tengo, Michelle Branch). Moutenot, along with David Sancious (Bruce Springsteen), Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley), and Jonathan Maron (Groove Collective) signed on to record a five song EP at Allaire Studios. Despite a group of tight recordings and interest from labels, Kaufman and Sandman decided to pull the plug on the album during post-production. They wanted something fresher, harder, faster, and all together better. Knowing they needed a great lead vocalist to build around, they convinced successful songwriter Ian Hogan from Rochester to move to New York City and be their frontman. Ian then recruited his old friend from Rochester and phenomenal bassist, Joe Christoff. At that point, The Rideaways were born.
With Sandman at the production helm, The Rideaways began re-recording their EP, this time with innovative arrangements and an edgy sound that finally equipped the songs with the passion and energy they deserved. The EP was released on September 28, and sold over 800 copies on the first day. The Rideaways are now booking shows for early Winter 2006 and planning production of a full length record for sometime in the Spring of 2007.
The Rideaways combine innovative pop melodies, powerful vocals, soaring electric guitars, and a pounding rhythm section to form an unprecedented style of electrifying pop alternative rock. Ian Hogan sings about love and politics with a powerful and passionate scruffy voice reminiscent of Eddie Vedder and Peter Gabriel. Three electric guitars merge to create a thick yet fascinatingly clear sonic atmosphere that often draws comparisons to U2, Coldplay, and Boston. The rhythm section uses Hornsby-esque rhythmic piano to add punch to an already driving and Zeppelin-esque drum and bass combination. The Rideaways may have re-invented the classic rock style that captivated the world during the 60’s and 70’s and are ready to thrust it back into the mainstream with an undeniably catchy new feel.

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