The Shiloh Emmanuel Singers is a group that has been blessed by God in so many ways. We all resides in Farmville, VA. We are a group who are working for God under the leadership of George N. Holman. At the present, our group consist of four members; Our Producer, George N. Holman, Composer/Singer, Tyrone Winfield, Manager/Singer, Nellie Blanton, and Singer, Angelina Rivera. We are a group who enjoy singing God's praises, and hope that we can uplift & bless someone through our songs.

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This is our first attempt at putting our music out to the masses,so it only stands to get better. we truly hope it inspires someone to be more thankful, more helpful, more peaceful, more understanding, more loving, more god like in other words just be more of what you already are. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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The Shiloh Emmanuel Singers are on a Mission for the Lord and we do just that through our singing. Our group have been together for 2 years and we have been truly blessed ever since. We are located in Farmville, VA.
Our group consists of much talent and gifts that we have been blessed with by God. We feel that art in any form is an extension of ones self. Our inner most feelings and dreams are projected in our music and songs, to touch the untouchable, to offer hope to the hopeless and to give joy to one unhappy person makes all that we do worth while. We have only been together for a short time, but it seems like many years due to the talent that makes up our group. We have George Holman, our founder and songwriter, Tyrone Winfield who is extremely bless with many gifts and talent such as a guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboarding, arranger, composer, lyricist, song writer and singer, Nellie Blanton who is a composer, keyboarding, and singer, and Angelina Rivera, who is a singer.
Our total faith and trust in God is what keeps us bonded together. This CD has something for everyone. All all is said here, the only thing that are missing is YOU.

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