I love to write about what matters most to me I have to be up close and personal with a song. If I haven't written about it then it just hasn't happened yet.

Once Upon a Time in a Small Town

I was born in Sinton Texas and named after the yellow rose of Texas the rose of Sharon. I grew up in Advance, Indiana surrounded by rolling fields of golden wheat and corn rows. I lived in a beautiful white palace surrounded by several old barns. The hay lofts were filled with adventure and once in a while the discovery of baby kittens. Looking back I had the time of my life.

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over 30 days ago to Sharon Cantor

just watched the video for little girl dreams...I enjoyed the song very much...thank you..stu


2 Love Songs and 1 Christmas song just so you don't think I'm demented! (cioopy/paste below)

http://www.broadjam.com/transmit/index.php?txygnbz=14706&chkldsxv1=6A9F6BAC6C&chkldsxv2=9814141E7C&chkldsxv3=C9046E4C84&yhgbndsq=3 1


Thanks for reviewing what possibly is my longest song title, "Seeing Through his Pain to The Bottom Of A Bottle". I know you gave low marks on recommending to a friend though really good marks everywhere else. It is as you say very raw, but unfortunately, all to real for some people. First off, it's just a song I wrote and yep, there are tons of love songs to enjoy by this singer alone on my site. Even stuff to recommend to a friend. (I hope!)

Thanks again!

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