Firmly rooted in the Berlin school of electronica, John Rose creates ecstatically balanced spacescapes that stay in the CD player for months because they can be listened to again and again.

With a flexible voice and impeccable ear, Diane Rose creates haunting melodies, shimmering harmonies, and evocative soundscapes on her own or to others' specifications.

John Rose-Biography

John Rose is a composer working out of Lexington, Kentucky. John and Tony Gerber have worked together for many years doing live radio, outdoor festivals, art openings and planetarium performances. John has been a pioneer of electronic music in Kentucky since the 1970s. He continues to work on solo recordings, and is a sound tech and stage hand. He recently started recording and producing music for other people. John also loves to teach wilderness survival and awareness and has been doing so at camps and workshops around Kentucky and Tennessee.
John Rose's music is created primarily from his own experiences, what he calls "life's soundtracks". He utilizes elements from his diverse musical background, which includes early music (especially the Medieval and pre-Renaissance era), Baroque (owing to his direct musical lineage to J.S. Bach through oral teaching tradition), Middle Eastern Music, Gregorian chant, traditional Celtic and Appalachian music, and experimental electronic music.
Music and musicians who are of interest to John Rose are J.S. Bach, Arvo Part, Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, Gregorian chant, Cantigas de Santa Maria, Alan Stivell, Morton Subotonic, John Jacob Niles, Debussy, and Chopin. He considers Nature and Silence to be the foundation of all music.
John's music is timeless and pensive, interwoven with images of nature, expressive rhythms, deep space pulses, and industrial ambience. Other compositions contain intricate piano passages dancing across waves of geometric ostinatos.
"Music is structured in silence and has its foundations in the rhythm of nature, out of which springs the language of humanity and reflections of the energy of life. I wish to express this to the listener through my music."
Evening Thoughts (90min)
I Could See Them In The Distance (60min)
Rainsongs--also available on LP
Oceans of Contradiction (90min)
Reflections (90min)
Chemical Dreams (90min)
Night Songs (90min)
Meditations (90min)
Zeitreisen (90min)
The Natural World (90min), a recording of live music from the woodland art fair in lexington
Diane Timmons Live at ArtsPlace in Lexington.
CD Format
Cosmogenesis (To be released April, 2001 on Records)
with Tony Gerber
2001 - Airwaves (Electronic Instrumental, Released in January 2000 on
1997 - Spacecraft: "Spacecraft" (Lektronic Soundscapes LS97009 CD)
1998 - Spacecraft: "Hummel: Live" (Lektronic Soundscapes LS-1012 CD)
1999 - Spacecraft: "Earthtime Tapestry" w/Giles Reaves (released August 4th, 1999 on Lektronic Soundscapes)
1999 - Spacecraft: "Kaleida Dreams" w/Giles Reaves (released November 25th, 1999 on SFM Collective at
2000 - Spacecraft: "20th Century Mix (Best of)" (released January 12th, 2000 on SFM Collective at
2001 - Spacecraft: "Musical Meditation for World Peace" (released January 1st, 2001 on Records via
2001 - Spacecraft: "Summer Town" (release Feb. 15th on Records SFM12001)
2001 - Spacecraft: "Cybersphere" (released May 19th on Records SFM22001)


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Renfru Zetts
over 30 days ago to SPACESONGS

John.........."Dark Corners for Prepared Piano" just kinda blew my mind!!! What little I have left.
I love it.
I've listened to some of your other pieces and I'm impressed with your creativity.

Good luck...................R.Z.

Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago to SPACESONGS

A fellow sound designer... Good to know you're on BJ.

More importantly... Glad I'm not the only artist that takes his sound design seriously.


4 Replies
over 30 days ago

Yes, I love when I hear something new. I so often hear the same old sounds just with a different song.

Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago

I actually have a sound design album you may enjoy...

Gatekeeper to hell had a really cool timbre lineup and Nothing But Time did some really cool synth effects too.

Hope you check it all out.

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
over 30 days ago

I bent an ear to "Geometric Dreams" and enjoyed it. More importantly, Protilius has got someone to play with now!

Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago


Benjamin Stone
over 30 days ago to SPACESONGS


My humble thanks for your kind review of "The Jester Mocks The Duke".

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

My pleasure, It is a very cool little piece. Left me wanting to hear more. Keep up the good work.

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