Steph Delz began his journey in music as a Recording Artist, Music Producer and CEO of his own label, Ugez Entertainment in 2003 alongside childhood friends, G-Style and K-Tru, under the moniker of Blak Caspur.

Unfortunately, his first stint with venturing in music didn't go as planned. From there, Steph Delz decided to get into creative writing in the form of fiction-based works. He would also opt to return to school, leading to the achievement of BA in Psychology, MS in Nonprofit Management and MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology between 2009 and 2016.

In 2017, Steph Delz returned to the task of music production but that was short-lived due to personal turmoil; however, three years later, he returned to producing music yet again.

On February 19, 2021, Steph Delz released a comeback single titled "Made Up My Mind." He plans to bring forth a different direction than is the current trend and hit you with loads of music out of the spectrum.

Steph Delz's Artist Bio

Celebrating the success of his singles "Made Up Mind," "Automatic," "Big Mood," "Our Thing," and the upcoming EP lead single "Against The Odds," Steph Delz is seeing his musical journey come full circle. After numerous attempts to catapult a career in music, Recording Artist and Music Producer, Steph Delz has amassed collaborations, respect and wisdom.

Fueling his collaborative efforts, Steph Delz has collaborated with some of the hottest upcoming Hip-Hop talents from the South, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions including Amaz'on the Goddess (featured on "Automatic"), Ill Muzak ("Big Mood" and "Against The Odds" (Prod. By Ill Muzak/AreaNasa Beatz), and JimBallzzz (Producer and Featured Artist, "Our Thing"). The year 2021 has shaped up to be promising for Steph Delz.

Steph Delz is experiencing a divergent buzz spearheaded by his brash personality and strategic disposition. He executed a full-fledged return to music in 2021, after first recording in 2003 and returning to producing music in 2017. Originally, Steph Delz (formerly Blak Caspur) began his venture in music operating as Chief Executive Officer of his own imprint, Ugez Entertainment (now Ugez Music) in 2003. Ugez Entertainment was the brainchild of Steph Delz, which he ran alongside childhood friends G-Style and K-Tru.

Between Ugez Music and his initial return in 2017, thwarted by personal issues, Steph Delz earned two Master's Degrees and a Bachelor's Degree. He also ventured into creative writing during his first hiatus from music.

Now, with the future uncertain but motivation, renewed passion and momentum as his driving forces, Steph Delz is hell-bent on ascending toward high regard as a Hip-Hop/Rap heavyweight with his brand of Experimental/Lo-Fi Rap and a conversational, lyrical approach. Coupled with psychedelic, dynamic beats, Steph Delz is bound to capture the music industry's attention.

Note: Artist Bio created by Lee Callaghan of Evolution Music Press; edited by Steph Delz

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