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Platinum Shop Productions is now working on it's next project, we are looking for artist that can keep it clean and at the same time keep it street, if you think you got real m.c skills hit us up, and we might give you the hook up, on our next co-lab project.

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“My first word was music, when I hear beats I start to loose it, a gift from God I had to use it” the opening line to track 7 titled” Put Em Up“, of his latest release Ghetto Take-out, was recently verified at the album release party, when speaking to his father, he smiled and chuckled “For most children it’s mom or dad but his first word was music”.

J.Q. aka John Ross, was born and raised in the town of Elmira N.Y., his lyrical style has been influenced by Run D M.C, Kid n Play, Slick Rick, Beastie Boys, to name a few, at a young age he found himself being mentored by a then local rap group called the “Lucky Picks” then managed by local disc jockey “D.J Brand New”.

J.Q. has been quoted saying, “I like to make music for the common man, something my grandmother could listen to as well as my children” and this ideology shows in his music and lyrical style. When questioned at an interview what made you want to do clean rap music he replied “a real m. c. should be able to keep it hot and edgy and get his point across in a positive manner without profanity or derogatory terms”.

His background in music can be dated back as far as 1994 when he frequented and headlined local rap and hip hop venues in the area becoming a local hometown legend, and quickly established himself as a hometown crowd favorite.

He has released a series of albums called “Stone Soup volumes 1& 2” where he blends a street sound and hard knock urban beats with a positive message, as he inspired and rallies the hip hop community to clean up it’s negative image.

Knowing how much music influences people he makes a positive impression that molds the minds of young generations in a like manner.


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