My album has a blend of Jazz-fusion with some R@B and smooth pop mixes.It was my goal as a music-writer to create an album with all these blends of music ...

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I have reached my goal of selling over 500 albums in the Philadelphia,Pa area.My album was just released in July of 2006 with a few of the songs being played on local radio stations...


I began playing the guitar when I was twelve years old, and there was a neighbor who played drums, who would invite me over to hang out. So, I began to play rhythm chords on the guitar as he drummed to cover tunes and I began to acquire timing and rhythm skills at a very young age. Also my mother, who is a singer, always taught me the importance of timing and rhythm skills, she sang on the air in 1948 at Allentown,Pennslyvania radio station.So,my music foundation began at a very young age of acquiring the skills which came into play later in my life with my ability as a songwriter.So, I hung around band musicians from many different bands and was influenced by different bass and guitar influences which was very important to my songwriting abilities. From early on,I recorded a vast cassette library of my own original music in my teens and twenties ,of up to fifty to sixty original songs, which I used thirteen of the songs for my album ,"In My Dreams".I also spent a season with the Philadelphia string bands in the Mummers Parade,I played the guitar banjo, which was alot of fun with OverBrook String Band. I played bass and guitar with a rock band in a Philadelphia night club in the nineties, but I still had three albums of original music on cassette from my youth .I finally went to Crystal Clear Studio in Philadelphia,PA, and recorded one of my three albums of original music, which has been personally rewarding and I look forward, in the near future of recording my other two albums of original music which are still on cassette...

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